Giving to Horizon Christian

Ways to support Horizon Christian Academy

Horizon Christian Academy is called to encourage, motivate, and develop our students to continuously grow in all areas of their lives: spiritually, academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. Horizon’s primary mission is to assist in the preparation of children and teenagers to fulfill the Great Commission; in essence, to develop world changers for Christ. Since our establishment, Horizon Christian Academy has been blessed with the ability to grow not only a school, but also a generous community of loyal supporters. Each year we receive financial gifts from our Horizon Christian families, grandparents, alumni-families, and friends of Horizon. Due to this ongoing generosity, we have been able to continue to strengthen and expand our impact in developing world changers for Christ. Thank you for your continued support of Horizon Christian Academy.


Horizon Christian Academy accepts gifts in a number of different capacities.


Cash, Credit Cards, and On-Line Gifts

Donors may make gifts by cash, check, or credit card. You may even make your donation online by donating to our annual fund. If you would like to make a pledge or have any questions, please contact Gary Bennett or Nancy Lloyd at (678) 947-0711.


Gifts of Stock

Gifts of stock have two main financial benefits: a charitable deduction for the present fair market value and no capital gains tax on the appreciation. Contact Mike Booth at (404) 403-3276 to obtain the account information needed to complete a stock transfer for the benefit of Horizon Christian Academy.


Matching Gifts

You can multiply your gift to Horizon Christian Academy if your employer has a matching gift program. Thousands of companies have programs that will double, or even triple, individual tax-deductible contributions made by their employees. Check with your personnel office to find out about your company’s matching gift program.


Non-Liquid Gifts

Before you sell your business, property, or other appreciated assets, take time to learn about your charitable options. By including qualified charities in your planning you can legally channel capital gains taxes, and income taxes towards the support of Christian causes like Horizon Christian Academy. To learn more about your options contact Mike Booth at (404) 403-3276